We offer a wide range of fully refined and semi-refined paraffin wax. In our product portfolio, we have paraffin for light, beekeeping, food industry and other specific applications.


Many people recognize paraffin linked to candle making. But it is also used in various industrial applications such as wood, paper, construction, agriculture, coating, physiotherapy, pharmacy and cosmetics.

Thanks to its unique chemical structure and inert nature, it is widely used in applications where water must be avoided or has negative effects. Paraffin, with its low thermal conductivity, also acts as an insulating material and plays an important role in coatings, materials for physiotherapy and in other medical applications.

When it comes to the delivery of our products, we offer different types of packaging such as ISO tanks and IBC tanks.

Technical specifications

Industrial Name: Paraffin

Chemical formula: CnH2n+2

Appearance: liquid paraffin is a transparent white liquid, and solid paraffin is in the form of a disk. Color can be changed when ordering.

Product quality: edible, sanitary and industrial

Types of paraffin: liquid and solid.

Solid paraffin

It usually contains about 3 to 5% oil, it is usually known with a milky white color and, as mentioned, has a jelly state. This material usually melts at a temperature between 58 and 60 degrees Celsius and freezes at a temperature of 50 and 55 degrees Celsius. In fact, this is the reason why, for the most part, we have seen this substance in solid form. In general, solid paraffin can be divided into three categories: edible paraffin, sanitary paraffin and industrial paraffin.

Liquid paraffin

It has a white and transparent color. This type of paraffin boils at a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius and evaporates at a temperature of 265 degrees Celsius.

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